Week 6 -- More JS + Sprint Challenge #3

Oct 13, 2019

Classes and inheritance with JavaScript objects

This week we learned all about classes and inheritance with objects! The first half of the week, we learned about the this keyword and how to know what object is refers to in different contexts. Then we talked about how to create objects with classes and inheritance, first through constructor functions and prototype methods (essentially what the class keyword does under the hood when you create a new class) and then through the class keyword. I found it all extremely easy, perhaps from my previous programming classes in C++ and Python a couple of years ago, so I actually got way ahead and finished both of my projects before we even had our first class for the week! I found the Sprint challenge to be very easy as well, finishing in about 45 minutes.

Since I picked up these concepts easily, I was able to take this week pretty easy, which was nice because next week is our first build week! I’m a little nervous for build week, not because I’m unsure of my technical skills, but because I feel like I don’t understand what exactly we’re supposed to do and expect, even after reading and watching all the prep material we were provided with…I guess we’ll wait and see! Hopefully our “Build Week Kickoff” meeting next week will shed more light on how things work with working with teams, using things like Trello, how build week's git workflow differs from Lambda School’s normal workflow, etc.

Week 5 -- JS Fundamentals Part I