Week 7 -- Build Week Part I

Oct 21, 2019

MVP complete for my first Lambda School Build Week


This week has been…interesting…to say the least. I felt like Monday was a bit of a waste of a day. We did our usual Career Readiness class and then 1:1’s with our TL to go over our Sprint Challenge. And then we had nothing to do the rest of the day…I had already gone over all of the Build Week prep material and they hadn’t decided the teams for the build week projects. So that felt like a day wasted.

Tuesday we had our Build Week Kickoff meeting to go over how to be successful in build week. My main take-away was this — don’t be THAT group mate and make sure you communicate everything so no one is confused. After the meeting, we FINALLY found out our projects (I’ll talk more specifically about my project at the end). I waited while my Project Lead, PL, put together our team slack channels, GitHub organization, and Trello board. Then we had a Zoom meeting all together. This is where I really started to feel lost. It felt like there was this assumption that everyone already knew what minimum project requirements were (which we do have access to), so we didn’t go over them as a whole group. It would’ve been nice to go over them all together just to make sure we’re all on the same page and everyone understands what’s going on. We also didn’t talk about what Trello is or how it works or how our group specifically was going to use it. Luckily I’ve used Trello before during an internship I had last year, but it was a bit unclear what our different categories were and what was supposed to get moved into which category. Just some quirky things that made it a bit confusing.

My Contribution

I digress. Since I’m wrapping up Web Unit 1 with this build week, my role is to create a marketing/landing website for our app, Replate. Our team doesn’t have a UX/UI designer, so I had to come up with a design first before I could start building the site. I have absolutely no education or training in anything marketing or UX/UI, so it’s not the prettiest site you’ll see. But I don’t think it turned out too bad, either.

Here’s the link if you want to check it out!

I’m particularly proud of the JavaScript I implemented in the mobile version. We haven’t actually covered how to implement JavaScript in a website using the DOM and event listeners yet, but since I finished my minimum requirements on Saturday, I decided to look ahead a bit and try things out!