Week 8 -- Build Week Pt. II + JS Sprint

Oct 27, 2019

JavaScript assessment and made a CSS Pokémon side project

Build Week wrap up

We wrapped up our very first Build Week at Lambda School! On Saturday this week, I had my JavaScript assessment portion of Build Week. Since we haven’t learned how to incorporate JavaScript into a website, we needed some sort of “test” to measure how well we understand and can use the JavaScript that we’ve learned up to this point. We had 3 hours to do it and I completed the main requirements, plus the bonus “stretch” challenges in less than an hour! 😊 It always feels good when you get in a groove and everything’s clicking and all of your checks pass. I cannot WAIT to get into applied JavaScript next week!

Rest of the week


The rest of this week, I was very unsure what to do since I finished my project this past weekend, so I decided to work on my own little side project for some extra practice and self-study! I saw a tweet this week of Tee Diang's “25 days of practicing CSS with animations”. I browsed a bit through her pens and instantly fell in love with her Eevee animation! Eevee is one of my favorite Pokémon and I was fascinated by how she was using CSS in all of her Pens, so I decided to try to make my own version of it! I spent a long time studying her code to understand what was going on and then made some tweaks and added some of my own features on my own fork. Check it out!!

While I’m still trying to figure out the magic that can be created using radial gradients in background images (I still need a lot of practice to really figure out how to make different shapes and things with it), I still learned a lot. I learned the most about linear and radial gradients, skewing and rotating elements, and changing different border radii. I had a TON of fun with this project and can’t wait to keep learning and making more, and better, variations of it! :)


Here are some resources that I found particularly useful during my CSS side project: